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The White House is a proud family owned business founded in 1992 by Alex Price. The White House specialises in a variety of business consulting services. The White House Group consists of three complimentary entities all owned and managed by Vanessa Price, Vaughn Mac Queen and Simone Harber.

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A Holistic service provider

The organic formation of a holistic service provider solution to a large range of day to day business needs creates a unique competitive advantage for our clients. The later advantage in conjunction with over 50 years of combined industry experience and a modern approach to business position our clients with a definitive advantage.

The White House group proudly manage over R650 Million in assets and consults for a large portfolio of both individual and commercial clients. What is most important to The White House Group is providing a leading solution to both business & personal needs. Whilst building a loyal and trustworthy business relationship and simultaneously enriching the community
in which we serve.

Our mission is to offer you a solution to all your business & personal financial needs. Whilst building a longstanding business relationship and enriching your financial life.

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